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EleSafari is the outcome of a single man’s passionate vision and a full-hearted endeavour towards the welfare of the Asian Elephants in Jaipur. Since its commencement in 2016, we at EleSafari have served thousands of our guests from all over the globe with our ELEPHANT INTERACTION PROGRAM specially designed for elephant LOVE and CARE. The reverence and commitment of our community towards the prosperity of these majestic creatures date back to almost 6 generations back. At EleSafari, elephants are considered family members and are an integral part of our daily lives. The entire team of EleSafari always strives for the happiness of these friendly creatures along with the well-being of their caretakers.

Our Mission

We have been gifted with the privilege of looking after these magnificent creatures and our aim is to give them a happy, healthy and secure life.

The money raised by our ELEPHANT INTERACTION PROGRAM is primarily used for the welfare and prosperity of our elephants and their caretakers. By visiting our Park and experiencing our ELEPHANT INTERACTION PROGRAM, you will make a direct contribution to the well-being and care of our elephants. Participation from your side will aid to give our elephants proper shelter, veterinary care, nutritious and healthy food. Your contribution will also ensure the welfare of our elephant’s caretakers, their families and education for their children.

Come and experience the most rewarding elephant Interaction Program in Jaipur!

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