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We would love to offer you our Elephant Interaction Program,
one of a kind experience specially designed for Elephant Fun and Care.

Reaching at the park you would receive a cordial welcome and welcome drinks would be served

ELEPHANT INTERACTION PROGRAM which is specially designed for elephant fun and care gives you something different from ordinary guided tours or package holidays. We offer you an amazing chance to get on hands experience with the Asian elephants in Jaipur. Possessing vast expertise in this field our caretakers make sure that you not only enjoy your time at EleSafari but also get deep insights into the daily life of our loved elephants. Our ELEPHANT INTERACTION PROGRAM gives you once in a lifetime experience to get up close and personal with these incredible animals in a beautiful natural setting.



Every new friend is a new adventure...the start of more memories!

You can easily get acquainted to these majestic creatures. Make them feel pampered simply by caressing and fondling them. Speak to them in a friendly manner while gazing into their eyes to make them more comfortable.


Language Learning.

A different language is a different vision of life.

Have fun while learning the special lingo used to communicate with the elephants. Learning their unique language would make your time with the elephants and the experience at the park a memorable one. Knowing their language would further strengthen your connection with your new friend.


Good Food is Good Mood!

Who doesn’t love having a mouth watering meal? Trust me, Elephants just love to eat. Spend some productive time at the park by learning how to prepare meals for elephants. Have a good time feeding your mighty diners their most liked meal.



bon appétit!

Indian cooking is considered one of the most diverse cuisines in the world. Indian food is different from rest of the world not only in taste but also in cooking methods. Enjoy the mouth tantalizing Rajasthani cuisine which is a splendid array of vivid, delectable and unique dishes.


Enjoy the colors of life.

Imagine the joy of painting on such a large canvas. Take on the brush and unleash the hidden painter inside you. With our assistance you can learn to draw traditional designs and painting using natural organic colors, which are non- toxic and completely harmless.



Laughter sparkles like a splash of water in sun.

Ever imagined bathing an elephant? We help you to achieve the unthinkable. Under our guidance enjoy washing and scrubbing the elephants. Play with the elephants while giving them a shower. This will surely be an exceptional experience of your trip.
Village Ride

Village Ride.

Take a ride on the wild side.

The thrilling elephant ride through the elephant village is an awesome experience. Sitting on elephant’s bare back without any saddle gives you an authentic safari feel.



Take a walk on the wild side.

We give you an opportunity to casually stroll with the elephants enjoying watching them walk at leisurely pace and admiring the size of these beautiful animals.

While reserving your time slot with us you can also easily book our free pick up and drop off facility.

Looking for a memorable experience with elephants?

Connect with us and enjoy our Elephant Interaction Program along with a day tour of Jaipur

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