Meet Our Founder

Upon completing his master’s education, ILU channeled his passion for wildlife conservation into action by joining a tourism interaction program dedicated to the welfare of Asian elephants in Jaipur. With a deep understanding of conservation principles and sustainable tourism practices, he played a pivotal role in fostering positive interactions between tourists and elephants while ensuring the well-being and dignity of these majestic creatures. Through educational initiatives, responsible tourism practices, and community engagement, ILU not only helped raise awareness about the conservation challenges facing Asian elephants but also contributed to creating a model for ethical wildlife tourism that benefits both the animals and local communities. His dedication to promoting harmonious coexistence between humans and wildlife has left a lasting impact on the conservation landscape in Jaipur and beyond.

Contributing to Elephant Care!

Through the ELEPHANT INTERACTION PROGRAM, our aim is to encourage eco-tourism along with educating visitors about the lives of these endangered species and enlightening them about the considerable work we are doing to provide our elephants good health, proper shelter, and extensive care. In order to promote responsible tourism we have experienced & knowledgeable mahouts (Caretaker), who take utmost care of our elephants as well as provide an insightful experience to our guests. We are fully committed to the conservation of the elephants of Jaipur and have been striving to set new standards in how to care for elephants in a purpose-built environment.

Meet Our Gentle Giant's

Rupa, Sakina, Bijli, Bulbul and they all might look the same to you but they are incredibly different from each other. These are not just names of elephants at our farm, they are -The life of Ele Jungle in which the spirit of this farm resides. Let’s get introduced to the most phenomenal creatures who enlighten and inspire life with their gentle, human, and familiar touch of kindness.


This lovely and bulky Bulbul is the heaviest elephant on the farm. Her wonderful character of being very lovely to every one whosoever meets her, this quality makes her the most  favorite company. Being always hungry is a striking feature of her personality and that quite explains her 3 and a half tons of weight! Stealing food with great skills without letting fellow elephants know is something that we love to watch every day.


For Jaya, it is not an exaggeration to say that “she is a noble soul living in an elephant’s body”. She is one of those creatures at the farm who loves her job of meeting the people at the farm the most. When she was just a teenager, she started reflecting family-oriented values. She always seems vigilant for her fellow elephants and senses the discomfort of others as an instinct. She is the one elephant on the farm with the longest trunk which surprises those who possess deep knowledge about elephants.


Holding the proud record of “The tallest Elephant in Jaipur” with a whopping 8.6 ft height! She is in true words the Beauty of the Farm. She joined the Ele Jungle family some 14 years ago and since then she is living her happy life among the caretakers of Ele Jungle leaving behind her ironical past. Radha possesses a lovable and caring nature that makes her another family-oriented member at the farm.